Orange County Schools 1:1 Initiative

Orange County Schools' 1:1 laptop initiative provides all students, from 3-12 with a laptop computer to support and transform learning. Middle and High School students can take their laptops home to extend this digital learning experience beyond the school day.

Safety and Acceptable Use Policies

Financial Concerns

What type of laptops will students receive? 
Lenovo X131E
Is there a cost to parents associated with their child receiving a laptop?
$25.00 Laptop Fee. You can pay this fee online safely and securely through
K-12 Payment Center.
What filter(s) are in place to protect student from visiting harmful websites?
Orange County Schools (OCS) laptops utilize the zScaler filter and/or M86 which is updated daily; however, the most important filter is parental supervision. Parents are offered training on internet safety and are shown how to check a student’s history on the laptop.
What will be the consequences for misuse or inappropriate use of the laptop
Details are provided in our Technology and Acceptable Use Policy and the OCS Student Code of Conduct.
What if a student loses or breaks the laptop?
Self insurance fee (small fee) some students will qualify for assistance with this fee from the district (free and reduced lunch) loses (parent pays to replace)  (See page 3 of Student/Parent Laptop Agreement)
What is a student forgets their laptop?
Another laptop will not be issued to a student who forgets their laptop.  They will have to use pen and paper all day or the teacher might allow them to use the desktop computer located in the room.
May students bring their own personal laptop to school, rather than the school-issued computer?

Students may not bring their own personal laptop. Several reasons for students not bringing their own laptop are:

  • When using school issued laptops, all students and teachers have the same hardware and software, e.g. to allow for collaborative projects and seamless communication.
  • The district is not permitted to install school-licensed software on computers that are not owned by the district.
  • Standardization allows our IT staff to be much more effective and efficient in troubleshooting problems.
  • Network and policy updates and programs can be "pushed out" to devices on the Orange County Schools domain.
  • The district can ensure that all requirements for on-line testing are met.
  • Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA): This Federal Law states that schools must block or filter Internet access and monitor the online activities of minors.  Our monitoring system requires students to log onto the Orange County Schools domain; when logged on, the district can easily monitor and document any website accessed by individual users.

Page Last Updated 7/16/15