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Orange County Schools' 1:1 laptop initiative provides all students, from 3-12 with a laptop computer to support and transform learning. Middle and High School students can take their laptops home at the end of the school day, to extend this digital learning experience beyond the school day.

Arts & Laptops in Orange County Schools: The arts teachers at Orange High School have found creative uses for the new student laptops in their classes. While visual art students drew and painted images they were viewing on their laptops, drama students studied monologues on theirs. In the band room, students from four different grade levels studied/practiced music theory skills.  Click HERE to view a slideshow of our students working with their laptops in drama, band and visual art classes.

Why is Orange County Schools thinking about this now?

1:1 in the News!

In January, Governor Perdue visited A.L. Stanback to learn more about technology and the 1:1 program in our schools. Click on the image above to see photo highlights of the visit!

Laptop 101

Presentation to the NCSBA: Top Ten Strategies for a
Successful Digital Conversion

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Discovery Education Science at Gravelly Hill Middle School

Click HERE to see download and view video presented to NCSBA

WRAL Visits Orange County Schools to learn more
about our 1:1 Laptop Initiative!



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