Human Resources

Salaries & Benefits

Orange County Schools
A Great Place to Teach!

Competitive Salary and Local Benefits

Attractive local supplement above state salary
     10% for non-tenured teachers
     11.5% for tenured teachers
     14% for teachers with Orange County Schools 10+ consecutive years

Additional State and Local Benefits:
     10 Paid Holidays, Vacation, Sick, and Personal Leave
     Affordable Life Insurance Options (free $15,000 policy paid locally)
     Excellent State Retirement Program
     Health Insurance
     Longevity Pay and Direct Deposit
     Before and After School Day Care at Reduced Rates
     Free Admission to School Sporting Events
     Tuition-Free Enrollment for Out-of-District Children of Employees


State Salary Schedule
Local Supplements
Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Payroll Schedule

10 Month Employee Payroll Schedule


Benefits and Employment Policy Manual of NC
North Carolina Teachers' and State Employees' Health Plan

Take Charge of Your Health with Health Smart
Pierce Group Benefits for OCS Employees
Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement Benefits
Working in North Carolina Public Schools (provides information on state benefits)
Authorization to Donate Shared Leave

Ever wonder how much your benefits are really worth? Click HERE to use a new interactive tool that is available to employees to calculate the cost of their benefits


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