The A.L. Stanback Middle School website has been changed.

Please click the link below to navigate to the new site. In addition please make the necessary changes to your Favorites or Bookmarks and possibly even Home Page, if the old web address was saved. Thank you.

A.L. Stanback’s New Website

1:1 Initiative

Parent Information for Student Laptop Computers
A.L. Stanback administrators will meet with parents to discuss the 1:1 computer initiative for the 2012-2013 school year. Parents will receive information concerning the laptops, rules and regulations for use, and parents will be given the Parent/Student Use Form to sign.  Please check the dates below for your informational meeting.

6th Grade Parents
Wednesday, August 8 from 2 pm - 3 pm

7th and 8th Grade Parents
Wednesday, August 22 from 5:20 pm - 6:05 pm or from 6:10 pm - 6:55 pm


2012-2013 Supply List

Summer Reading

Summer Reading for English 1



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