Please keep in mind that teachers are unable to take phone calls during instructional time. Parents are encouraged to leave a voice message and or send an email and teachers will respond before the end of the next school day.

All transportation changes and or emergencies should be directed to the front office (ext. 42010).







Staff Directory


To Contact Us by Phone: Dial the Efland-Cheeks Elementary School phone number: 919-563-5112.  You will hear a prompt to enter the extension number of the person with which you wish to speak.


To Contact Us by email:  Double-click or Ctrl+click on the e-mail address.


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Kiley Brown, Principal

Extension 42001


_____________, Assistant Principal

Extension 42002


Cindy Cook, Secretary/Bookkeeper

Extension 42010


Wanda Sykes, NC WISE

Extension  42030        Return to Quick Clicks


Support Specialists


Alexis Kuzma, Psychologist

Extension 41066


Diane Bero, Social Worker

Extension 42067


Aimee Meyer, Guidance Counselor

Extension 42020


Rani Gill, School Nurse

Extension  42065


Thomas Porter, Academic Coach

Extension 42068


Barry Blefko, ESLTeacher

Extension 42351


Leslie Readyhough, Speech-Language Pathologist

Extension 44962


Edie Kahn, Occupational Therapy

Extension 42971


Robin Sechrist, AIG Teacher

Extension 42900


Kim McColman, Technology Facilitator

Extension 42060


Stephanie McMullen, Media Specialist Click for Website

Extension 42080        Return to Quick Clicks




Desiree Wiley, Teacher

Extension 42600


Andrea Cuzco, Bilingual Assistant

Extension 42600


Terry Newton , Assistant

Extension 42600


Rachel Schimmelfing, Teacher

Extension 42601


Alicia Brown, Assistant

Extension 42601       


Alicia Wright, Assistant

Extension 42601        Return to Quick Clicks




Holly Saul, Teacher

Extension 42651


Danielle Faerber, Teacher | Click for Website

Extension 42652

Kristen Barber, Teacher

Extension 42653


Rebecca Furstenberg, Teacher

Extension 42654


Cynthia Brown, Assistant

Elaine Wright,


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First Grade


Stacy Lingle, Teacher

Extension 42101

Pam Smith, Teacher

Extension 42102


______________, Teacher

Extension 42103


Betsy Sutton, Teacher

Extension 42104


Pat Gibson, Teacher Assistant   Return to Quick Clicks


Second Grade


Jo Champion, Teacher

Extension 42201


Stephanie Yavorka, Teacher

Extension 42202


Megan Baker, Teacher Click HERE for website

Extension 42203


Terri Lingle, Teacher

Extension 42204


Shannon Morgans, Assistant 


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Third Grade


Dana Pawelzyck, Teacher

Extension 42300


Carol Crabtree, Teacher

Extension 42301

Megan Fitzpatrick, Teacher

Extension 42302


________________, Teacher
Extension 42303


Dawn Laws, Assistant    

Rhonda Scott, Assistant    Return to Quick Clicks


Fourth Grade


Kelly Parks, Teacher

Extension 42400


Anna Hines, Teacher Click for Website

Extension 42401


______________, Teacher

Extension 42402


Shelley Butela, Teacher

Extension 42403


Paula Bruett, Assistant


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Fifth Grade


________________, Teacher

Extension 42501


Alyson Seelbach, Teacher

Extension 42502  


Michelle Cohn, Teacher

Extension 42503


________________, Teacher

Extension 42504


Jo Harrison, Assistant       Return to Quick Clicks


Exceptional Children


Melissa Neal, Teacher

Extension 42752


Lisa Roche', Teacher
Extension 42750      Return to Quick Clicks


Special Areas


Arthur Chenail, Music

Extension  42801

Julie Rachlin, Art

Extension 42810

Denise Wilson, Physical Education

Extension 42700

Tiffany Chavis, Spanish

Extension 42350        Return to Quick Clicks


Student Support


Kate Ellis, Literacy Coach

Extension 42951 


Nancy Stephens, Reading Teacher

Extension 42952


Gideon Young, Reading Teacher

Extension 42951 


Mary Beckman, Reading Teacher
Extension 42953


Mark English, Math Coach

Extension 42954


Jane Harrington, Math Assistant   Return to Quick Clicks




Deborah Young, Cafeteria Manager

Extension 42075

Jaimie Rudder, Cafeteria

Extension 42075

Sarah Anderson, Cafeteria

Extension 42075

Diane Tapp, Cafeteria

Extension 42075         Return to Quick Clicks




Blake Gattis, Custodian

Extension 42070  


Oddie Brooks, Custodian

Extension 42070


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Afterschool Care


Elaine Wright, Site Director

Extension 42095

Avery Long, Afterschool Leader

Extension 42095


Lillian Wright, Afterschool Leader

Extension 42095


Cheryl Handy , Afterschool Leader

Extension 42095
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