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Meet the Pre-K Teachers

The Pre-K Team:

Pre-K Team

Desiree Wiley, Teacher

Extension 42600 desiree.wiley@orange.k12.nc.us


Sandra Hernandez, Bilingual Assistant

Extension 42600 shernandez.ece@gmail.com


Camille Dickerson, Assistant

Extension 42600 cnd89@ymail.com


Rachel Schimmelfing, Teacher

Extension 42601 rachel.clem@orange.k12.nc.us


Alicia Brown, Assistant

Extension 42601 alicia.brown@orange.k12.nc.us       


Alicia Wright, Assistant

Extension 42601 alicia.wright@orange.k12.nc.us       




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Meet the Kindergarten Teachers


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Holly Saul, Teacher

Extension 42651 holly.saul@orange.k12.nc.us


Danielle Faerber, Teacher | Click for Website

Extension 42652 danielle.faerber@orange.k12.nc.us

Danielle Faerber has a bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a master’s in Early Childhood Interventions and Family Support, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She has taught kindergarten and first grade since starting at Efland-Cheeks in 2009.  Outside of work, Ms. Faerber enjoys reading, running, knitting and hanging out with her dog Harper.  Originally from Nashville, TN, she also loves country music.  In the classroom, she works to create hands-on and cooperative learning experiences to help students grow in all areas of development.  She also likes to integrate technology, music, and art into her lessons. Ms. Faerber is excited to return to the kindergarten team this year.


Kristen Barber, Teacher

Extension 42653 kristen.barber@orange.k12.n


Rebecca Furstenberg, Teacher

Extension 42654 rebecca.furstenberg@orange.k12.nc.us


Cynthia Brown, Assistant cynthia.brown@orange.k12.nc.us

Elaine Wright, Assistant elaine.wright@orange.k12.nc.us



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