Date Reviewed/Approved: 03/21/2011

Policy Number:  7440


Rescinds Policy Number:  7440

Issued:  04/19/2004, 03/06/2006









All assignments and transfers to schools are the responsibility of the Superintendent.  In-school transfers are the responsibility of the principal.  The board will be notified of all transfers approved by the Superintendent.


The Superintendent may assign school personnel in any manner that he or she deems appropriate, consistent with legal requirements at any time. 


Voluntary and involuntary transfers will be made in accordance with course requirements, program changes, fluctuating enrollments, allotments, efforts to improve student performance, and the general welfare of the school district.  The interests and aspirations of employees will be considered in making assignments and transfer decisions; however, such interests must be weighed against what is in the best interest of the students, school or school district.  Employees will be informed of transfer decisions as soon as is reasonably feasible.


The superintendent shall establish any necessary procedures for employee-initiated transfer requests.


An employee may appeal a transfer decision to the board.  The board generally will uphold transfer decisions made in accordance with this policy that are not arbitrary, capricious, political or discriminatory.

























Legal References:  G.S. 115C-47, -276, -301