Child Nutrition Department


School lunch menus are posted here during the school year. There is also convenient "Quick Links" access to lunch menus from our home page.

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Current Menus

Elementary School Menu

Middle School Menu (and Partnership Academy)

High School Menus

The Breakfast Program
Breakfast is offered daily at all schools before the start of the school day. Breakfast is for ALL students. Students may select one entrée from a variety of items (hot biscuits, cereal w/toast, and bread items), one side item (100% fruit juice, fruit choice), and choice of lowfat or skim milk.

The Lunch Program
Students may select lunch consisting of an entrée, two or more side items, or milk. A student may select an all vegetable plate (up to four (4) fruits and vegetables and milk). Students have the options of items to choose as long as they receive at least three (3) components on their plate. To ensure that your student is receiving a well-balanced meal and to maximize the full dollar value, we encourage students to select the entire meal.

Lunch menus are analyzed two (2) times a year by a nutrition analysis software program designed to ensure that all student age groups meet the required USDA nutrient based levels when averaged over a five (5) day week.

Extra Items
All cafeterias offer a variety of healthy snacks for students to purchase. These foods are offered in addition to, not in place of, the regular menu at additional coast. The price list of extra items will be available online as well as posted in each cafeteria so that you may plan with your child the items he/she may select and the amount of extra money he/she will need. Extra items cannot be charged to a student account.

Nutrition Standards for North Carolina elementary students (which also address extra items) is not mandatory for Orange County schools but we have implemented many of the guidelines.